Unannounced exceptions

The current state of the cluster is GREEN.

For the most current information on short-term exceptions of the cluster please consult the HPCC Twitter site. Also see the Tweets window at the bottom of this and other pages of the HPCC website. Additional information and updates on exceptions may be posted here.

Scheduled exceptions and downtimes

We have scheduled an HPCC Cluster Maintenance Shutdown for Monday, November 26th. This will require a shutdown of ALL services: Slurm (queuing system), hosted websites, virtual environments/machines, storage systems, backup systems, and network services. We ask that you completely logout of the cluster (pigeon, pelican, globus) before the shutdown.


To apply critical patches to central storage and ancillary systems.

Shutdown Time:

Monday, November 26th, 2018 @ 8:00am-5:00pm


A Slurm maintenance reservation will be put in place for the shutdown period. This means that any job that may overlap with the shutdown will be held in a pending queued state during the shutdown and will begin after shutdown is complete. Reducing the estimated runtime with the “–time” flag when submitting with sbatch/srun may allow your job to run if there is enough time before the shutdown period.

Standard Operating Procedures

SOP for unscheduled outages

When unforeseen issues arise they are categorized by severity:

  1. Green - Normal operation, no current issues
  2. Yellow - Minor issue[s], likely not observed by users (ie. jobs are not affected)
  3. Orange - Medium issue[s], likely observed by users but not fatal (ie. jobs may perform slower than usual)
  4. Red - Critical issue[s], major service or entire cluster is not functioning as expected (ie. jobs have terminated prematurely)

Email notifications are only sent to users if there is a Red critical issue.

SOP for scheduled shutdowns

The following outlines the timeline for advance email notifications on scheduled shutdowns of the HPCC cluster and other exceptions:

  1. Four weeks advance notice
  2. Followed by weekly reminders
  3. Final reminder the day before the outage

Team collaborations with Slack

Sign up and use Slack Team Collaboration app here: ucr-hpcc.slack

Past exceptions

2:30 PM, 11-Jul-18: Storage Issues

For the past several weeks we have been observing slower storage access. In some cases the /bigdata storage was inaccessible for several minutes and caused some jobs to terminate prematurely. We have identified the issue and have teken steps to ensure that this problem does not reoccur.

6:00 PM, 02-Jul-18: Storage Issues

Storage issues on the afternoon of July 2, 2018 caused disruptions in some cluster services. The issues should be resolved, but we’re continuing to monitor the situation for any other developments.

12:00 AM, 31-Jan-18: routine maintenance shutdown

For routine maintenance and upgrades we have scheduled an HPCC (Biocluster) shutdown for 12:00AM, Jan-31-2018 to 12:00AM, Feb-01-2018. (complete)

12:00 AM, 05-Dec-17: NFS & SMB issues

NFS and SMB services have been suspended temporarily. This will cause many of our web services to not function properly. These include, but not limited to:

  • https://rstudio.bioinfo.ucr.edu & https://rstudio2.bioinfo.ucr.edu
  • https://galaxy.bioinfo.ucr.edu
  • https://dashboard.bioinfo.ucr.edu
  • https://biocluster.ucr.edu/~username (.html directories)
  • mysql://bioclusterdb.int.bioinfo.ucr.edu (databases)

Note, this issue was resolved soon after it occurred.

11:00 AM, 13-Aug-17: Cooling problem

Since Sat morning one of the HVAC units is not working properly. To avoid overheating, we have shut down most of the idle nodes (1:30PM, Sun). As soon as the HVAC unit is repaired we will power these nodes back on. Note, this issue was resolved on 17-Aug-17. UCR facility services has repaired the broken HVAC unit and serviced the second one.

12:00 AM, 16-Jun-17 to 17-Jun-17: maintenance shutdown

To sustain future growth, the power load in the HPCC server room needs to be optimized. For this we have scheduled an HPCC (Biocluster) shutdown in four weeks from now which will start at noon on June 16th and last until noon June 17th. This will require a shutdown of ALL services: Slurm (queuing system), hosted websites, virtual environments/machines, storage access, backup systems and network services. We ask that you please make sure that you do not have any jobs running in the queue, and that you completely logout of the cluster (pigeon, owl, penguin, pelican, globus) before the shutdown.

10:02 AM, 13-Apr-17: UPS failure

Our UPS unit went down some time last night causing a power failure on all systems. Jordan is bypassing the UPS to bring things back up in the next few hours. Nationwide Power will come in asap to repair the UPS. Note, this failure has not resulted in any overheating problems since the AC units are running on a different power cricuit.

11:22 AM, 13-Apr-17: Cluster back up running

Situation is resolved for now and things are working. We are currently discussing the situation with our electricians to avoid future instances.