Research Computing at UCR's HPCC

Welcome to the website of the High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) at UC Riverside.

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HPCC Operation During COVID-19 Crisis

Since the research computing infrastructure of the HPCC is designed to be accessed remotely, we are currently not expecting any major downtimes or restrictions for users due to the campus access restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • This year we were awarded an MRI equipment grant (#2215705) by NSF for the acquisition of a Big Data HPC Cluster in the total amount of $942,829. For details see here.

Mission and Services

The High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) provides state-of-the-art research computing infrastructure and training accessible to all UCR researchers and affiliates at low cost.

The main advantage of a shared research computing environment is access to a much larger HPC infrastructure (with thousands of CPUs/GPUs and many PBs of directly attached storage) than what smaller clusters of individual research groups could afford, while also providing a long-term sustainability plan and professional systems administrative support.

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