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Advisory Board (executive committee)

The responsibilities of the Advisory Board are outlined here.

  • UCR faculty members with hands-on experience in HPC

    • Jason E Stajich (Microbiology & Plant Pathology)
    • Wenxiu Ma (Statistics)
    • Stefano Lonardi (CS)
    • Laura Sales (Physics)
    • Leonard Mueller (Chemistry)
  • HPC expert staff members from UCR

    • Keith Richards-Dinger (Earth Sciences)
    • Victor Hill (CS)
    • Bill Strossman (C&C)
  • External members from academia and industry

    • One of each to be added here.

Office location and mailing address

1208/1207 Genomics Building (Google Map) 3401 Watkins Drive University of California Riverside, CA 92521

Server rooms


HPCC’s main server room is in the Genomics Building, Rm 1120A.

CoLo server room

School of Medicine CoLo


For questions or requesting new user accounts please email

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