User-facing Changes Implemented on 23-Aug-2019

Domain Names

The old domain names and have finally been discontinued. As a result, users need to use the new name for the following services:

  • ssh/scp/ftp/http: instead of
  • RStudio Server: instead of
  • Jupyter: instead of
  • Email Support: instead of

In addition, URLs containing need to be updated to

Password Reset

After the upgrade on Aug 23, 2019, all HPCC users have been emailed a temporary password with instructions how to change it. This email was sent to the address we have on file for each user. In case you missed the corresponding email notification and/or you are not able to log into the cluster, please email us at to receive a new password.

Updated OpenMPI

If you have compiled or use software that was compiled with OpenMPI, then it will need to be recompiled. If you are running into any issues, please email us at