Related HPC and big data analysis events

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UCR Library

  • Software Carpentry Workshop - Working with Data
  • Software Carpentry Workshop - (Python, git, and bash) 3-25-19, 3-26-19

Graduate Quantitative Methods Center - GradQuant

Big data analysis programming in genome biology

  • R/Bioconductor workshops including annual 5-day events
  • Graduate courses using HPC
    • Data Analysis in Genome Biology: GEN242
    • Computational Analysis of High Throughput Biological Data: GEN220


  • 10th consecutive workshop on analyzing sequencing data, ANGUS 2019! July 1 - July 12, 2019
    • This intensive two week summer course introduces attendees with a strong biology background to the practice of analyzing big shotgun sequencing data sets (Illumina, PacBio, and Nanopore). We introduce students to computational thinking and large-scale data analysis on UNIX platforms, and cover genome and transcriptome analysis. We also cover computational topics including R scripting, software installation with bioconda, cloud computing, and building efficient and automated workflows. We use hands-on tutorials, live coding, group notes, and in-class exercises to support an effective learning experience.

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