Account Creation

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The scope of this manual section is am an introduction on how to get started using the Amazon cloud AWS to quickly create an on-demand cluster private to you.

Login to your Main/Master AWS account

Master Account Login
  • Click Sign In

Enter your two-factor authentication code

  • Enter Auth code Two Factor Auth
  • Click Sign In

Identity and Access Managemenet (IAM)

Add User

  • This is the user managment page User Page
  • Click Add user

Account creation wizard

  • Create a new account for creating clusters User Account
  • Fill out the user name and the access type (Programmatic access should be all that’s needed for users of a lab).
  • Click Next: Permissions.

Assign Permissions to the new account

  • Permissions are assigned to groups and users are organized into those groups. User Permissions
  • If you do not have any existing groups create an admin group
  • Choose what group you would like the new user to below too.
  • You can create a new group here also.
  • Click Next: Review

Account creation review

  • Review account choices before creation User Review
  • Click Create user.

Account creation complete.

  • The account has been created and here are the credentials User Complete
  • Ensure you click on Download.csv! (this contains the Access key ID and Secret key for this account and is needed later)
  • Save this file.
  • Click on Close.
  • Click this Link AWS Console
  • Click Key Pairs

Key Pair management page

Key Pair Page
  • Click Create Key Pair

Name new Key Pair

Key Pair Page
  • Give it a name representing the new user.
  • Click Create
  • You will be prompted to save the new key file. Note where you save this file.

Send credentials and key file to the new user

  • Send an email to the new user with the credentials file and the key file attached.
  • Any other private form of file transfer can also be used to distribute the files to the new user.

You now have all the information needed for a user to create their own cluster.

Next step: Setup and create a new cluster.

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