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Getting started using HPCC and Amazon Web Service (AWS) to quickly create an on-demand cluster private to you.

HPCC AWS Cluster benefits.

  • Build a private cluster in 10 min.
    • Any number of nodes, auto scaling (up and down), limit 20 to start
    • Any type of compute nodes
      • High memory
      • High CPU single/multi node
      • GPUs
      • Choose HPCC default configuration
  • For only as long as you need it - delete when done
  • Familiar interface and job scheduler
  • Easy ability to have the software you need installed by HPCC, if it’s not there already
  • Build as many of these clusters as you need (even at the same time)
  • Pay for only the time you use it - per/min billing

How to get started

The manual menu on the left will walk you through the process while the simple steps are outlined below.

  1. Create a Master AWS Account (if you do not have one yet) and one or more AWS IAM account(s).
  2. Associate your AWS Master account with Amazon as a UCR educational member to take advantage of a data egress waiver.
  3. Set up your HPCC account to access and use your HPCC AWS Cluster.
  4. Create your cluster and begin computing
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