December 18, 2020


  • File Permissions
    • Basic Permissions
    • Managing Permissions
    • Advanced Permissions
  • Data Transfers
    • Filezilla
    • scp command
    • rsync command

File Permissions: Basic Permissions

Every file and directory has permissions:

  • User: read/write/execute
  • Group: read/write/execute
  • Other: read/write/execute

Permissions are given in the following format:

drwxrwxrwx 1 user group size date filename

File Permissions: Managing Permissions

Change the permissions of a file:

chmod u+x file_name
chmod g+w file_name
chmod o-r file_name

Change the group association of a file:

chgrp groupname file_name

File Permissions: Advanced Permissions


ACLs provide greater control over file permissions

# Get current permissions and store in acls file
mmgetacl /path/to/file > ~/acls.txt

# Edit acls file containing permissions
vim ~/acls.txt

# Apply new permissions to file
mmputacl -i ~/acls.txt /path/to/file

# Delete acls file
rm ~/acls.txt

Data Transfers: Filezilla

Data Transfers: Filezilla (cont)